KR Dental is owned by Keith Refsdal, and has been in business since 1984. Keith can fix almost any piece of dental equipment, provided parts are still available for it.

We provide service in the following areas:

 Handpiece repair

 Intra-Oral Cameras and Digital X-Rays

 Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric X-Rays

 Digital conversions for existing Panoramic Corp Panos

 Chair re-upholster kits and services for the following lines:
DCI, Tech-West, Tuttnauer, Marus, Engle, Brewer, Beaverstate, XDR, Claris, Dent-X, Velopex, South East Instruments, Solmetex, Panoramic Corp, Belmed and Communicator

KR Dental, LLC

1726 Gilder Lane

Sandy, UT 84093

To contact us:

(801) 567-9884 phone

(801) 255-2524 fax


Since 1984